Lori Handbury

"I run and compete in races, i am heavily into my training running 7 days a week in the peak of my season, so its so important i take the time to recover wherever i can. Hotpod Yoga has made an incredible difference and is really helping me to keep strong, flexible, relaxed and most of all injury free. I long for my Wednesday Hotpod Yoga with Fi, i turn up feeling very tight and tired but by the end of the hour session i feel like a new me, it stretches me out and makes me feel revitalised. Fi is an amazing instructor and so passionate, she always varies the sessions and adds her own personal touches, she is very calming and inviting and allows you to get the most out of the session. I am so happy to have Hotpod Yoga as part of my training plan as it continues to have a positive impact in my running and racing. Thanks Fi, i love your sessions, it is really evident in your sessions that you love your job and i would recommend you to everybody and anybody." 

~ Lori Handbury @Hotpod Yoga Nottingham

Fiona Morriss