Here's the story so far...

As the chubby kid at school, I learned the importance of health & fitness the hard way, (kids can be so cruel!) Luckily, it turned out to be one of the most valuable life lessons I could learn; this experience led to a genuine interest in how to live a truly healthy lifestyle during my teens and beyond, (thanks cruel kids, I owe you!) 

Ever since, my passion has been with clean living & keeping fit 80% of the time, whilst still enjoying chocolate and prosecco when the craving calls. I believe that life is for living, life is for enjoying, & life is all about balance

As a health & happiness advocate, I initially turned to yoga for the same reason as most; to alleviate physical aches & tension alongside my fitness routine. 

I tried yoga for the first time whilst working in Australia in 2010, and was pleasantly surprised to discover not only a vast improvement to my physical health, but also to my inner well-being. 

It turns out that the rumours are true: Yoga really is a full body & mind workout! 

Fiona Morris Yoga with Fiona

“Let the beauty of what you LOVE

be what you do.”

~ Rumi.

I knew that I wanted to share this game changing experience with the world. What really had me hooked was that fact that yoga is universal, it doesn't discriminate age, race, or ability. Instead it welcomes & unites absolutely anyone & everyone, (especially the inflexible). It's a traditional practice that also brings about self healing of mind & body without a single negative side effect! 

I returned to the UK to complete a Drama & Theatre degree and continued to work multiple, demanding jobs in hospitality, customer service & the corporate sector. Although grateful for the work experience and skills acquired, I found myself feeling extremely unfulfilled. I decided to pursue my passion for travel, health & wellness & off I ventured on a solo trip to South East Asia, checking out various health, detox & yoga retreats. My travels allowed me to truly recognise my appreciation for the world, my love for people, & for the well-being of others. My trip ended at Vikasa Yoga Academy, Koh Samui, Thailand, where I first discovered their intensive Hatha yoga teacher training programme. At the time, the notion of training to become a Yoga teacher was just a dream.  

I returned again to UK corporate life & landed a role that was more promising & financially stable than ever. Having always had an extremely strong work ethic, I gave it my all & survived the lengthy, stressful day & night shifts in a Graduate Operations & Project Management role for a world leading company. Despite the opportunities for progression that would be irrefutable for most, my own health began to suffer, at one point falling asleep at the wheel after a night shift. I very quickly realised that no amount of financial success could be exchanged for the wealth of health.

Overnight, I decided to risk stability in pursuit of my passion. I booked flights straight back to Thailand to complete my yoga teacher training.

I graduated as a 200hr RYT yoga instructor with a new found knowledge in yoga anatomy, philosophy, practicum, but most importantly with a clear vocation for the well-being & happiness of others. My course, which is recognised globally by The Yoga Alliance, was very much a life changing experience, both personally and professionally.

My core values are to offer yoga as welcoming, nurturing and empowering experience. I wish to make healthy living an enjoyable, accessible & sociable lifestyle for all. I strive to empower others to recognise their own limitless potential in life, both on and off the mat. I hope for indivduals to be well equipped with effective, holistic techniques to ease the daily stresses & challenges that life can bring. I strongly believe that there is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to yoga practice, & often encourage students to enjoy a unique experience within this universal tradition.

I am now happily devoted to teaching holistic classes across various gyms & studios in the East & West Midlands. I also devise & host workshops & have delved into retreats both in UK & Europe. I maintain regular practice as a teacher & seek to constantly evolve for each and every one of my students. 

In my continuing quest to make health and happiness an accessible lifestyle for all, I have also ventured into Corporate & Conference yoga as well as various wellbeing and mindfulness events.

Thank you for your interest in my story so far. I hope to play a valuable part in your unique story soon.

Love & Light, 




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