Experience a modern take on a traditional practice. 


If you can breathe, then you can practice yoga,  there really is a benefit for all to gain. (& no, you don't need to be flexible to do yoga). 

Often incorporating strength, flexibility, balance, breath, body awareness, & posture, Fi's classes honour the very meaning of Yoga through inviting you all to feel united with yourself & with each other during this full body & mind workout. Whether you're a complete beginner who cant yet touch your toes, or if you're an advanced inversion addict, there is safe & welcoming space here for you.

You will be encouraged to be kind to yourself & your body, but you may also find strength through occasional challenges, both physically & mentally. There'll be opportunities for self-discovery & some all important YOU time, (whatever that might mean to you). There's often a focus on self-love, gratitude & mindfulness through gentle meditation & relaxation techniques. You'll also find a sense of playfulness during classes– Yoga doesn’t have to be serious! It's whatever you want it to be. 

Image: Luxury Yorkshire Coast Yoga Retreat April 2019 - Captured by Marcin Kumeiga

Image: Luxury Yorkshire Coast Yoga Retreat April 2019 - Captured by Marcin Kumeiga

There will always be options for modifications throughout sessions to suit the needs of the individual, Fi believes that there is no one size fits all in yoga practice. You will be sure to feel at ease, well stretched, revitalised, but most importantly, fulfilled & present in mind & body. 

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