The words 'conference' & 'yoga' have probably never been seen together in the same sentence before, but that's about to change. In fact, these two events compliment each other more than ever in light of corporate wellbeing & business productivity. 

Conferences are an integral part of business development, training, & growth, therefore, the environment in which they take place must encourage optimum creativity and comfort. Many delegates tend to experience unlimited amounts of coffee, sitting for uncomfortable periods of time, & possibly staring at screens whist digesting important information. These events can be exhausing for both body & mind.

The introduction of yoga practice as part of conference packages offers a much needed release from chairs & screens, inviting conference goers to move & stretch tired bodies & to refresh & energise weary minds. Delegates can expect increased productivity, motivation, & stimulation back in the boardroom after just one short session.

In the peak of Corporate Social Responsibility & employee health & well-being, now is the time to offer a service that is not just unique within this sector, but also highly beneficial as part of a bespoke conference package.